Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm Still Just a Girl...

Ok, I know that I said the details were coming but everytime I think about the incident last night, it freaks me out. So I will put it in a nutshell.

After scooping up with a shovel the baby nutria that my dog Mazzy deposited on my back step, I soon dicovered it wasn't quite dead and started to MOVE while on the shovel. It was almost dead, but wiggled enough so that it fell of the shovel onto the ground. I attempted to re-scoop the damn thing, but my case of heebie-jeebies was so strong that I went to bed instead, right after I called my husband at work to inform him of what he needed to remove when he got home.

The end. Yuck


  1. At least it still had a head and was not deposited under your christmas tree.

  2. Sonja5:30 PM

    io, there's looking on the bright side, LMAO. Is that a pic of the actual nutria? Did you save it for your Aunt for Thanksgiving? Oh ya, that's right, she wasn't invited. Are you gonna skin it or leave the wrapping on? Male or Female?