Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have a new friend.

Ok, so sometimes I get caught in a YouTube tornado.  You know . . . ya go onto YouTube with a specific goal in mind but after you watch the video you wanted, your eyes can't help but stray to the right and see all the "related" videos.  Then you are fucked.  No sense even trying to do homework, or try to feed all the livestock on your Facebook, virtual farm; you are trapped watching YouTube.  You might of started searching for a random Bob Dylan video, but you end up watching thirteen really bad, home videos of rah-tards trying to light farts on fire, jump off a roof into a pool.

But today I have found my new vice.  Hulu.com  I won't digress any further, but I do wasnt to share my find.  tee hee   I want to be mean lookin' like "Lace".

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