Friday, April 02, 2010

Do Not Waste My Time

The other day in my Criminology class I almost killed four people with my mind.  I thought that was rather ironic considering the class.  

This class is so packed that a few people did not have chairs the first few days.  There are several reasons why this is so, but one is because this class is only taught one term a year, and it's required for all Pre-Law, Criminal Justice, and Adult and Juvenile Correction degrees respectively.

Anyhow, back to the four white trash that sit in the back row.  These girls are taking this class for fun.  They do not need it for whatever degree they are or are not pursuing.  There are currently about 6 people who are coming to class every day who are not even officially enrolled in it.  They do this in hopes that someone will drop the class or be dropped for not showing up the first week.  These obviously are people who need this class for their degree.  Other wise why would they try so hard?

The first day was a no-brainer day.  We went over the syllabus and discussed the over crowding situation and the drop/add procedure of the class.  The entire time, these four girls talked amongst themselves.  Not very quietly, either. About shit not relevant to the class.  I know this because I could hear every word they were saying from across the room.

It was the second day that their lack of respect really got to every one.  Basically the class is pretty straight forward.  We read assigned chapters and do the study guide on our own time, then the instructor lectures about it more in depth during class time.  He tries to do a chapter a day.  We barely made it through half of the first chapter.

During the first five minutes or so of class while the instructor was talking about the add/drop stuff again, and going into a little more detail about it, the Not-So-Fantastic Four were chatting away.  About what, I have no idea, nor do I care.

We finally started getting down to the actual class lecture, when while in the middle of a sentence, the youngest of the four, without raising a hand or even an "excuse me", asked, "Is it always going to be this crowded?  Because I am paying for this class and would like to have a chair and desk every day.  I think I have that right, since I'm paying for it."

You could have heard a pin drop.  The instructor had a look on his face that I interpreted as the, "I was just talking about this five minutes ago.  And yesterday too.  Oh that's right, you were too busy talking about when you would get your welfare check with your friends, and did not hear me", look.  I looked around the room and just about every one was either rolling their eyes or banging their heads on their desks.

One would think this conversation would have been pretty short, but no-ooo she decided she needed to have a complete conversation with the instructor about the subject as if there was no one else in the room.  Then her girlfriends joined in.  This lasted almost ten minutes.  Seriously.  As hard as the instructor tried, he could not steer them off the subject.

Class finally got steered in the right direction, when about five minutes later, one of the other girls had something to say.  Without raising her hand of course.  Or waiting for the instructor to finish what he was saying.  And it's not as if they had a question.  They wanted to relay stories about their lives that they thought were relevant to the class.  So far this is what I know about these four girls:

  • One has three kids, by two dudes, and they are both in jail.
  • One has no kids, but her dad is in jail.
  • One has two kids, their dad is in jail and she just got out of jail.
  • One has one kid, lives with her mom, and doesn't know which one of two dudes that are both in jail is the baby-daddy.
Mind you, this is only after one 50 minute class.  At one point the instructor was talking about a study done with children and the proposed outcome of them becoming criminals, and all four thought that that was their cue to debate with him that their kids would not become criminals despite the odds.  You just keep telling yourselves that, honey.

Who cares?  I don't care about them or their kids at this time.  I need this class to get my degree.  I would like to learn something about criminology from a retired police officer who has been teaching this class for over twenty years.  I would like to hear his insight on it, not theirs. I do not want to know how they were wronged by the "man".  Or what ever else they might have to say for that matter.  I just want them to shut the hell up.

I am not the only one either.  After class, I was going to talk with the instructor about the whole fuckery of it, but it turns out I didn't need to.  There was already 20 people waiting to tell him the same thing.  I have this class again today.  I'm curious to find out was he is going to do about these twits.  Will he separate them like in elementary school?


  1. Kick their ass, Sea Bass.

  2. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I keep forgetting to ask....Are they still in the class?