Friday, September 10, 2010

5th Day of Vegan Challenge

Ok, here I am.  I am still alive!  Yesterday was a good day.  No problems.  But then again, I didn't leave the house, so there were no temptations.  It helps that my cherry tomato plant is finally ripening, so every time I walk through the kitchen I pop one into my mouth from the bowl on the counter.  Funny, I wasn't "hungry" all day long.

Tonight will be my first big "challenge".  I'm going over to my friend's house for a girl's night in and I'm sure there will be stuff for me to drool over.  I am bringing my own snacks so hopefully it wont be too hard.

Day 5 weight:  168


  1. Have you been vegan shopping yet? PC has plenty of drool worthy vegan food. PS. Great job on your 5th day!!!

  2. Thanks and yes, I went to PC but was slightly overwhelmed. Other than some extremely good hummus, ans some veggies, I wasn't sure what to buy.