Monday, September 06, 2010

I Got the "Bitch" Part Down . . .

This is the first day of the vegan challenge and I am doing good.  Of course all I have had to eat so far is coffee.  And I've only been up for about three hours. Yes, I know the Skinny Bitch book people say that coffee is a crutch, but fuck it.  I'm handicapped.  I need a crutch.  I didn't use milk like I always do. That's good right?  Although I did use chemically laden non-dairy creamer if you must know.  Baby steps right?

So the challenge people are sending me a daily email with menu suggestions, hurrays, and you-go-girls.  I have to say though, that after perusing the menus, I don't even eat that much on a regular basis.  But I am thinking that maybe I will eventually want to eat the amounts they are suggesting because in a few days I'll be starving.  Hell, I don't know. 

My husband thinks I'm crazy.  But I am just sick and tired of feeling like crap all the time and I'm running out of shit to do about it.  So, here I am.  Updates (not that you care) will be posted periodically. 

BTW are Twix bars vegan?  Probably not.  Dammit, now I gotta find a homemade Twix bar recipe.

Day 1 weight: 174 lbs

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  1. Twix bars are definitely not vegan, but there's a bunch of things you wouldn't think of that are:!.htm